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INVESTMENTS. Characteristics, uses and taxation of investments.  Prospectus and reports. Security regulation. Short selling. Margin. Dividends. Money market securities. Asset allocation and portfolio diversification. Educational planning.

PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS AND STOCK VALUATION. Measures of investment returns.  Investment strategies. Deviation and variance. Beta, coefficient and risk. Portfolio theory. Capital markets and pricing. Portfolio performance measures. Holding periods. Weighted averages. Net present value. Rates of return. Strategies to reduce risk. Fundamental analysis. Technical analysis.

BONDS AND BOND VALUATION. Treasury securities. Corporate bonds. Municipal bonds. Fixed income risks.  Bond pricing. Coupon rate. Yields. Accrued interest. Bond duration. Estimating bond price. Preferred stock. Convertible bonds.

INVESTMENT COMPANIES. Closed end. Open end. Unit investment trust. Mutual funds and expenses. No load funds. Exchange traded funds. REITs. Depository receipts.

DERIVATIVES. Options. Option trading strategies and pricing. Warrants. Futures. Hedging.

QUALIFIED PLANS. Pension plans. Defined benefit and defined contribution plans. Cash benefit, money purchase and target benefit plans. Profit sharing plans. Distributions.

INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS. IRAs. Simplified employee pensions. SIMPLE, 403(b) and 457 plans.

DEFERRED COMPENSATION AND EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. Nonqualified plans. Employee fringe benefits.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND ANALYSIS. Personal and business financial statements. Balance sheets. Income statements. Cash flow statements. Ratio analysis. Financing strategies.

INSURANCE. Risk and needs analysis. Insurance contracts. Dispute remedies. Regulation. Loss valuation. Benefit payment. Business uses of insurance.

ANNUITIES. Uses of annuities. Types of annuities. Fixed annuities. Index annuities. Income annuities. Variable annuities. Accessing or converting. Taxation.

TAX PLANNING. Calculations and compliance. Tax accounting. Business entities. Trusts and estates. Basis. Depreciation and cost recovery. Like kind exchanges. Property dispositions. Tax reduction and management techniques. Charitable planning.

ESTATE PLANNING. Property titling. Transfers at death. Transfer strategies. Estate liquidity. Planning with trusts. Charitable transfers. Valuation issues. Marital transfers. Family transfers. Business transfer techniques. Post-mortem tax planning. Nontraditional relationship planning.