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Legal representation on real estate matters, including contracts; purchases and sales; deeds, ownership issues and title transfers; leases; ownership by corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies; Florida taxation issues; homestead and asset protection.  Mr. Johnson is a Florida Realtor.


Business law involves matters such as corporation, partnership and limited liability company formation and operation; corporate and partnership tax implications, shareholder/partner/member issues, contracts and business transactions, among others.

Florida’s LLC Law

LLCs seem to have become the entity of choice in Florida, due to their asset protection features, relatively informal structure, pass-through tax treatment, restrictions on transferability, limited rights of a transferee, opportunities for transfers to family members, valuation discounts, and generally greater flexibility as opposed to corporations and partnerships. There is a recent Florida Limited Liability Act whereby the news laws of Chapter 605 of the Florida Statutes replace those of the prior Chapter 608.