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If you have been financially harmed in the investment arena, Securities Arbitration through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) can serve as an effective method of recovery. In order to assess the likelihood of recovery, considerations are (1) did the customer have reason to trust the broker (2) did the broker breach that trust or otherwise engage in intentional or unintentional misconduct (3) were documents produced that support the customer’s contentions or the broker’s defenses (4) how credible are the parties and the evidence and (5) if the customer has suffered a  financial loss due to that breach of trust or misconduct, is the loss reasonably  quantifiable and was the customer able to mitigate damages.

FINRA arbitration can simplify the issues and the evidence presented, with arbitrators who take charge of the hearings, while still providing the claimant a full and fair opportunity to be heard. Arbitration cases are resolved 40% faster than court cases, and investor’s claims are more likely to be heard on the merits. It is an advantage to be represented in security litigation by an attorney with specialized financial knowledge.