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Mr. Johnson provides high-quality, experienced legal counsel and representation in the areas of estate planning, probate and trust administration, business law, real estate, civil litigation, tax law, asset protection and financial planning. He has extensive experience and a depth of knowledge of these areas of law, allowing him to provide top-notch legal guidance with efficiency and innovation. He works closely with every client to provide the skilled and personal representation they need and deserve, and will customize the approach in each practice area to the specific legal concern of each client.


You have worked hard throughout your lifetime and deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor and to have your wishes for your estate honored. In order to make that happen, it is crucial to develop a comprehensive estate plan that fully protects your assets and distributed them to your beneficiaries at your direction. Proper state planning is essential for ensuring that your wishes are carried out correctly, and it can also ensure that you will have the resources you need if you should ever become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself. With more than 30 years of legal and financial expertise, Mr. Johnson has the knowledge and tools to create an estate plan that is customized to meet your unique needs.



The process of settling an estate can be complex, so the person who assumes those duties needs the advice of a knowledgeable and board certified wills, trust and estates lawyer. Mr. Johnson has extensive experience advising clients who act as personal representatives and trustees. Personal representatives and trustees are fiduciaries and need sound guidance, since the law holds them personally liable for losses in the value of assets due to errors or misconduct. Mr. Johnson can guide you through the complex process quickly and efficiently, so you maximize the value of the estate for your loved one's heirs.


Even in apparent straightforward estate cases, there are sometimes disputes among beneficiaries or between certain beneficiaries and the personal representative or the trustee. When representing the personal representative or trustee, Mr. Johnson demonstrates the utmost professionalism in negotiations and in the courtroom. Whether the issue is a will contest or accusations against a fiduciary's management the estate, he advocates strongly for his client's rights.     


Business law deals with the legal requirements and practical steps to form and operate a business, including entities for limited liability, organizational structure as well as contracts and organizational compliance. When your business has legal needs, including choice of entity, business formation, ownership agreements, operating agreements or bylaws, you should consult an attorney who concentrates on business law, taxation and related financial operations. Do not let your legal documents, commercial operations or potential disputes leave you vulnerable.  


Mr. Johnson applies his extensive knowledge about property rights, real estate issues, finance, taxation and business to all areas of real estate law. He can help you with residential home sales transactions, commercial property sales transactions, real estate contracts, title disputes, homeowners association issues and building issues. 

From offer to sale, he handles all aspects of buying and selling real estate, so that you can fee confident about a smooth and precise transaction, including drafting or reviewing your sales contract, negotiate the real estate agreement, review your lending documents, analyzing your deal and rectify potential problems, and guiding you through all types of real estate transactions.


Litigation required substantial knowledge of the substantive law and civil litigation, as well as a dynamic courtroom presence. Having experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel on your side can make a significant difference. Mr. Johnson possesses the specialized knowledge necessary to successfully litigate your disputes by providing smart, aggressive and uncompromising litigation.

Some disputes are better solved outside the courtroom. Mr. Johnson can guide negotiations to protect your interests. By retaining an experienced attorney during the negotiation process, you can often prevent further disputes from arising at a later stage. This can save time, costs and frustration.


It is important for your advisor to have precise knowledge of the tax effects of every legal matter or transaction. Ideal professional advice includes a comprehensive understanding of taxation of C and S corporations and shareholders, partnerships and partners, limited liability companies and members, income taxation of trusts and estates, real estate, estate tax, gift tax, and state and local taxation.  


Asset protection is a set of strategies used for protecting assets from lawsuits and the claims of creditors. This can include establishing structures and using entities to create legal barriers between creditors and the debtor. Effective strategies often implement a combination of business and estate planning tools. 

A properly established asset protection plan functions as a lawsuit deterrence, provides settlement negotiation leverage and/or places your assets out of the reach of a legal opponent. It also addresses each client's situation, risk and wealth preservation interests within a comfort level. In order to maintain effectiveness and ethic propriety, asset protection planning should begin prior to a cause of action or lawsuit.   










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