Investments. Characteristics; uses and taxation of investments; Prospectus and reports; security regulation; short selling; margin; dividends; money market securities; asset allocation and portfolio diversification. 

Portfolio Analysis and Stock Valuation. Measures of investment returns; investment strategies; deviation and variance; beta; coefficient and risk; portfolio theory; capital markets and pricing; portfolio performance measures; holding periods; weighted averages; net present value; rates of return; strategies to reduce risk; fundamental analysis; technical analysis.

Bonds and Valuation. Treasury securities; corporate bonds; municipal bonds; fixed income risks; bond pricing; coupon rate; yields; accrued interest; bond duration; estimating bond price; preferred stock; convertible bonds.

Investment Companies. Closed end; open end; unit investment trusts; mutual funds and expenses; no load funds; exchange traded funds; REITs; depository receipts.

Derivatives. Options; option trading strategies and pricing; warrants; futures; hedging.

Qualified Plans. Pension plans; defined benefit and defined contribution plans; cash benefit, money purchase and target benefit plans; profit sharing plans; plan distributions.

Individual Retirement Accounts. IRAs; simplified employee pensions; simple plans, 403(b) and 457 plans.

Deferred Compensation and Employee Benefits. Nonqualified plans; employee fringe benefits.

Financial Statement Analysis. Personal and business financial statements; balance sheets; income statements; cash flow statements; ratio analysis; financing strategies.

Life Insurance. Risk and needs analysis; insurance contracts; dispute remedies; regulation; loss valuation; benefit payment; business uses of insurance.

Annuities. Uses of annuities; types of annuities; fixed annuities; index annuities; income annuities; variable annuities; accessing or converting; taxation.

Tax Planning. Calculations and compliance; business entities; trusts and estates; basis; depreciation and cost recovery; like kind exchanges; property dispositions; tax reduction and management techniques; charitable planning.

Estate Planning. Property titling; transfers at death; transfer strategies; estate liquidity; planning with trusts; charitable transfers; valuation issues; marital transfers; family transfers; business transfer techniques; post-mortem tax planning; nontraditional relationship planning.





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